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Testimonials from our Traffic Ticket Clients

Mark Rosen, Toronto, ON

Offence/Charge : involved in an accident - careless driving.
Result : all charges withdrawn, cash settlement for insurance benefits received.

From the time of initial consultation to the very conclusion of the matter, Traffic Points Professional Corporation continued to impress me with how they handled the case and represented me in court. The result speaks for itself. Moreover, their efforts in recovering benefits from my insurance claim also exceeded my highest expectations.

Juan Moran, Toronto, ON

Offence/Charge : several tickets over a four year period including speeding, seatbelt, careless driving, etc.; 3 accidents at different times.
Result : all 3 accidents settled, all charges withdrawn.

For the last four years, I've trusted Traffic Points Professional Corporation to represent me when I needed to fight my traffic charges in court. No matter how difficult a case was, they've always resolved it to my best advantage. Whenever I'm charged with a traffic offence, I return to Traffic Points Professional Corporation. Experience has shown no one works harder

Daniel, North York, ON

Offence/Charge : 2 tickets, failure to wear a seatbelt (2 demerit points), speeding 39km over (4 demerit points).
Result : all charges withdrawn.

I'm grateful to Traffic Points Professional Corporation for saving me 6 demerit points. Their "win or pay" policy gave me confidence in their abilities and reduced my initial worries. Result? All charges withdrawn. Many thanks for keeping my insurance rates low.

George Zimin, Mississauga, ON

Offence/Charge : failure to stop at the red light (3 demerit points + $190 fine).
Result : 0 points & lowered fine of $90.

Thanks and thanks again to Traffic Points Professional Corporation! Not only did they reduce my demerit point loss from 3 to 0, they also managed to save me an additional $100. Terrific work!

David, Scarborough, ON

Offence/Charge : involved in an accident: unsafe lane change (3 demerit points).
Result : all charges withdrawn.

I consulted several traffic fighting firms and decided to go with Traffic Points Professional Corporation after they provided me with a very clear explanation of all my options. That initial consultation was a decisive factor for me. Their polite, courteous, yet matter-of-fact attitude exceeded my expectations. Traffic Points Professional Corporation specialists were also able to help settle my accident benefits in more than a satisfactory way.

Allan Tvazon, Mississauga, ON

Offence/Charge : involved in an accident - unsafe turn.
Result : all charges withdrawn, cash settlement received.

Confident, reliable and very professional service. My best wishes for success of your business and deepest thanks for the job done.

Steven, Woodbridge, ON

Offence/Charge : speeding 24 km over, 3 points
Result : 0 points.

Many thanks to Traffic Points Professional Corporation for their professionalism and their "fight to win" attitude. I saved money and tons of my personal time because of Traffic Points Professional Corporation efforts. Definitely, one of the best investments I could have made

Felicia Nefsky, Richmond Hill, ON

Offence/Charge : proceed contrary to sign at intersection (2 points).
Result : charges withdrawn.

I entrusted my case to Traffic Points Professional Corporation with the hope that they can simply reduce my fine. The result truly exceeded my expectations: all charges were withdrawn. Thank you very much!

Karwal Baldev, Downsview, ON

Offence/Charge : disobey stop sign (3 points).
Result: charges withdrawn.

Great team of experts! Totally dedicated, reliable and approachable. After hearing their intended defense, I never doubted a positive outcome.

Philip, Whitby, ON

Offence/Charge : speeding over 60 km (6 demerit points, driver licence suspension + $750 fine).
Result: 2 demerit points, no suspension, fine only $110.

Traffic Points Professional Corporation did an amazing job! Not only did they manage to drastically lower the amount of fine I should have paid, they also reduced my demerit points by a stunning 66%.If I'm ever charged with an Highway Traffic Act offence again, Traffic Points Professional Corporation would certainly be the first place to call.

Michael Feinberg, Toronto, ON

Offence/Charge : speeding in New York State 37 km over (4 demerit points + $230 US fine).
Result : 0 demerit points and $35US fine.

I didn't know what to do about this charge until a friend of mine suggested I consult with Traffic Points Professional Corporation. After an initial consultation I decided to use their services and it was the right decision to make. Traffic Points Professional Corporation did a great job fighting this charge: I have come out clean with no demerit points on my record and the fine was 7 times less than what I should have paid. My strongest recommendations for those who are in a similar situation.

Anthony Campo, Toronto, ON

Offence/Charge : speeding, 35km over - fine $265, 4 demerit points;fail to surrender permit - fine $110.
Result : all charges withdrawn.

I don't think I could have got out of this situation the way I did (result: all charges withdrawn) without the professional involvement of Traffic Points Professional Corporation. Their superior attitude and great efforts helped to keep my driving record clean.
I wish you guys the best!

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